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In Correct and Quick Evaluation of an Essay Essay Rubric and How It Can Help In Academic Work Evaluation

In nowadays life all of us are learning many things and so that we are more and more accustomed to produce new knowledge through processing a wealth of different information. There are so many possibilities to get more exposure in a particular subject and that’s why essay writing is an essential skill for any student at all academic levels and the ability to produce a clear, well-argued essay is a key to successful academic career. To ease and speed up the grading process teachers are offered essay rubric customized for every essay type.

Essay rubric is employed for evaluation of each part or section of an essay giving criteria for works estimation. It is very helpful both for teachers and students as this tool gives hints what to expect from your work and what gaps the work contain.

As writing meaningful essays is an art, in order to succeed we all need a perfect understanding of essay writing process. If we want to present meaningful and well understandable essays, then we should follow the correct essay format so everyone will easily understand the topic we present.

Usually academic essay contains five basic parts such as Outline, Thesis, Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Each and every part of the essay will give a meaningful explanation about the subject we are dealing with. At the same each and every section should be easily understandable and have a clear and concise structure.

The Outline lists out the main ideas that we are going to present through the essay.

At the same time it also contains sub-topics of all the ideas and facts. So by reading the outline of an essay people will get some idea and interest about the subject of an essay.

The main essential part of essay writing is the way of handling the Thesis statement. The thesis should tell in one (or at most two) sentence(s), what the overall point or argument is, and is followed by the main body paragraphs. By reading the thesis statement people should get enticed to read much more in the essay. In general, your thesis statement will accomplish the goals if you think of the thesis as an answer to the question your paper explores. By giving a proper thesis statement we can achieve clear expression of the main ideas of an essay.

The Introduction of an essay should start with a general discussion of our subject and lead to a very specific statement of the thesis. Sometimes an essay begins with a challenging claim, or surprising story to catch reader’s attention. Because when we start an essay by giving some unpredictable questions or stories, it will be enticing and attractive for the readers.

The Body paragraphs will explain the essay’s topic.

Each of the main ideas that you listed in the outline will become a paragraph in the essay. Start by writing down one of your main ideas in a sentence. Finally the Conclusion part serves to give the reader closing, summing up the essay points or providing a final viewpoint on the topic. The conclusion should consist of three or four convincing sentences. So, if we want to present a meaningful essay, then we should follow all these basics of writing.

An essay rubric is thus a way to check if an essay meets the requirements of essay writing . Having difficulty and vague expectations about the quality of an essay, you can address your concerns to who can help you with implacably written research papers, term papers and even /dissertations .

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